Selecting a The Best Vitamin Manufacturer

When selecting a vitamin manufacturer, check for the following qualities: FDA compliance, GMP certification, and support. A good contract manufacturer will be responsive, willing to answer questions, and offer references. Ultimately, they should be willing to collaborate with other companies. Read on to find out which manufacturer offers these benefits. Also, remember that contract manufacturers have a wide variety of capabilities and prices. It’s important to choose a contract manufacturer with the right mix of capabilities and rate structures.

Nature’s Value

A major expansion is in the works for Nature’s Value Inc. in Forsyth County, North Carolina. The company plans to invest $19 million in the region and add 183 new jobs. The average annual salary of the new positions is $57,669. The company is expected to add up to $10 million in payroll annually. Forsyth County’s strong manufacturing history and affordable cost of living are ideal conditions for expanding manufacturers.

As the largest vitamin manufacturer in the U.S., Nature’s Value plans to invest at least $18 million in a new manufacturing facility. The company is currently in contract to buy a 426,000 square foot building in the Whitaker Park development and will invest at least $18 million in the project. The company expects to relocate from its existing facility in Lexington. However, a severe shortage of construction materials could further extend the project timeline.

Matsun Nutrition

If you are looking for a vitamin manufacturer that creates quality vitamins, look no further than Matsun Nutrition. The company has been making liquid vitamins for more than two decades, and its formulas boast absorption rates of 90% and above. This is an incredible feat, considering that solid tablet formulas may only pass through the GI tract 50% of the time without absorbing the nutrients. Liquid formulations also prove to be easier for children and elderly people to take.

Matsun Nutrition is a leading liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturer. It offers private labeling services for vitamin and mineral products. The company’s founder was frustrated with the lack of premium liquid glucosamine supplements and decided to make them himself. Today, it is one of the leading vitamin manufacturers in the USA. Matsun Nutrition’s product line has over 4,000 different flavors to choose from, including a range of specialty blends.


If you’re looking for a private label vitamin manufacturer, then WeDoPrivateLabel may be right for you. This New York-based company specializes in nutritional supplements. Its employees range from 100 to 199. Its services include product design and advanced packaging/shipping. You can purchase its products as capsules, soft gels, tablets, and powders. While it does not list certifications, it’s worth a look.

A private label vitamin manufacturer partners with entrepreneurs to develop branded nutritional supplements for them. They have the experience, expertise, and production capabilities to meet your health and wellness needs. Private label manufacturers offer pre-formulated supplements and custom blending. A private label vitamin manufacturer can meet your exact specifications. The company’s private label manufacturing solutions help you meet your goals and maximize your profit potential. They also provide high-quality ingredients at lower prices than their competitors.

AIE Pharmaceuticals

AIE Pharmaceuticals is a full-service contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements. The company provides a comprehensive portfolio of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts. All products are FDA-compliant, undergo stringent quality control, and are free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and fillers. AIE also offers a wide variety of services to customers in the food and dietary supplement industry.

AIE offers customized and standard vitamin packaging, and utilizes automated lines to ensure accurate and efficient packaging. AIE utilizes multiple local suppliers for its components, ensuring quick delivery and competitive pricing. AIE also maintains a strict Quality Control department, which constantly monitors its packaging operations to ensure quality and consistency. This helps ensure that every single batch of vitamin supplements meets the highest standards. And because all its products are manufactured under cGMP guidelines, AIE maintains a high level of quality.

Llama Naturals

The vitamin manufacturer Llama Naturals is committed to providing healthy, delicious plant-based vitamins. It uses real fruits and vegetables as the primary ingredient in its multivitamins. Its low-glycemic vitamin formula also features organic ingredients. Real fruit is also used to sweeten the vitamins, making them much more enjoyable to take. For more information, visit the Llama Naturals website. Read on to learn more about this company and what its mission is.

The gummies are made from real fruits and vegetables. The vitamins don’t contain artificial sweeteners, so they are gentle on the stomach and don’t cause expensive pee. They are also suitable for children and tested for heavy metals, yeast, and mold. This vitamin manufacturer provides a list of its ingredients. The benefits of Llama Naturals vitamin are many. If you want to try it for yourself, check out its customer reviews to find out what other people have to say about it.

Superior Supplement Manufacturing

When it comes to contract manufacturing, Superior private label vitamin manufacturer is a game changer. Their comprehensive portfolio of services spans the entire supplement life cycle, including custom formulation, R&D, regulatory compliance, and label design. They also offer a full spectrum of third-party marketing and fulfillment services. The company has worked with Fortune 500 companies on their supplement formulation, packaging, and distribution needs. Superior Supplement Manufacturing can handle the whole process from concept to completion – from R&D to manufacturing, from label design to fulfillment and distribution.

The company’s website boasts about its NSF GMP registration, and this is a big plus. However, the company is not registered with the NSF, and cannot use the NSF GMP mark or make any other claims based on that status. Nevertheless, Superior Supplement Manufacturing has a long and successful history of creating supplements, and they hope to continue this tradition with continued innovation. We will continue to monitor the company’s progress, and share our findings with consumers.

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